Bukit Peninsula, Bali, Indonesia

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Impossibles 7 out of 10 based on 3 Reviews. 3 user reviews.

Impossibles gets its name because, during smaller swells, it is almost impossible to make it around sections. What might look like absolute reeling perfection from the Bingin cliff front may be incredibly frustrating for all but the fastest down the line surfer as every takeoff quickly ends with a lip on the head. Once the surf goes overhead, however, Impossibles is one of the best options on the Bukit Peninsula if you like racing long, fast, perfectly groomed walls of water.

There are two defined takeoff zones; one closer to Bingin, which usually entails an easier drop followed by a flatter wall. This peak is better suited for Intermediates and possibly Novices at higher tides. Approximately 200 meters to the South, the second takeoff zone is much faster and more challenging but a good drop here is rewarded as you race sections until one catches you or you pull off because your thighs have started to burn.

Because Impossibles is further away from the accommodation in Bingin, the crowds are usually more manageable versus other spots on the Bukit.

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  • Consistency
  • Difficulty
  • Crowd Factor
  • Hurt Factor
  • Break type Reef
  • Right/Left Left
  • Bottom Coral
  • Country Indonesia
  • State Bali
  • Area Bukit Peninsula
  • Zone Bingin
  • Recommended Board Type Shortboard, Step-up, Gun
  • Best Size Overhead, 2x Overhead
  • Ability Novice, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Swell Direction South, Southwest
  • Best Wind Southeast, East, Northeast
  • Best Tide Medium-Low, Low-Medium, Low

Long walk and/or paddle from Bingin beach.

  • Review (3)
Hurt Factor
Crowd Factor
  • This spot is one of the best when it gets bigger. One of my favourite places in Bali to surf.

  • still got a floating bit of bone in my arm after surfing tiny low tide!