El Pescadero

Southern Baja California, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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El Pescadero 7 out of 10 based on 1 Reviews. 1 user reviews.

El Pescadero in Southern Baja California is a scenic spot with quality beach and reef break peaks where you can set up camp and surrender to the waves.

A swell magnet, El Pescadero is extremely consistent and almost always has a quality wave breaking somewhere.  You will find left peaks on the beach break but the rights are generally better.  The hand reef break is also fun to ride.  Both the reef and beach work best in a solid winter northwest swell but will pick up summer south to southwest swells.

Surf El Pescadero early morning as the wind generally turns onshore by mid morning each day.

Sea urchins are plentiful on the reef here; be on the watch.

The waves at El Pescadero are ususally more suitable for more experienced surfers unless there is a small swell running.

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  • Consistency
  • Difficulty
  • Crowd Factor
  • Hurt Factor
  • Break type Beach
  • Right/Left Left & Right
  • Bottom Sand
  • Country Mexico
  • State Baja California Sur
  • Area Southern Baja California
  • Zone
  • Recommended Board Type Longboard, Fish, Shortboard, Step-up
  • Best Size Chest High, Head High, Overhead, 2x Overhead
  • Ability Novice, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Swell Direction South, Northwest, West, Southwest
  • Best Wind Northeast
  • Best Tide Medium, Medium-High, High, High-Medium, Medium-Low, Low-Medium, Low

Drive approximately 9.6 km's (6 miles) South of Todos Santos. Exit the highway near KM 60 to reach El Pescadero.

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